Bio Ponds

Bio-Ponds are artificially created Natural Ponds. They are lively and take your landscape up a notch. Most importantly they are home for variety of fishes and aquatic plants!
The joy of seeing your ornamental fishes living and swimming in perfect conditions is incommendable! You can also grow lotus, lilly and variety of other aquatic plants in bio-ponds. We keep your ponds eco friendly along with being aquatic friendly. Be it your indoor pool or garden pool, our unique design and craftsmanship ensures that your requirements are met and your fishes and other aqua mates are happy.
No more Glass Tanks, Let’s make BIO PONDS!


Our unique filtration method keeps the water naturally and biologically clean. SanWe experts can make your bio-ponds combined with water features/ fountains or even with swimming pools. We skilfully balance the beauty of water gardens with the latest technology in fish keeping, providing you with a pond that not only looks great but also works efficiently. 


SanWe can construct a bio-pond right inside your living room or in your garden. Basically, the Bio-pond itself is an aquatic garden. We can also make ponds in restaurants, hotels and other commercial premises. In the given space and location we make sure the Bio-ponds are aesthetically pleasing and long lasting!